Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Axel

 Happy 6th Birthday Axel! He got to choose his party this year. He wanted to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. We ate pizza, played games, enjoyed cupcakes and got a lot of tickets to trade in for one little silly prize. Axel thought it was the best! It was great to see the adults join into the game fun- even great- Grandma Bev!
Jammin on the guitars

Games and more games

Ticket Blaster

Birthday Boy and his brother enjoying cupcakes
6 years already?! I spent the morning telling Axel all about the first time I got to see him, the time he was born and some of the details of that day. He liked hearing about who came to see him and how I didn't set him down for at least 4 hours! And then it was only to let dad hold him :) He thought it was funny that I counted all of his moles and smelled his head the whole first night. I am so proud of the boy is has become and who he is growing into. Axel you are so smart, sassy and funny- please don't change! I love you and can't wait for all that is to come this year.

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jules said...

Happy bday, Axel! What a sweet post. :) I love Chuck E Cheese!