Sunday, May 21, 2017

Abel's 6!!!

Abel's 6th B-day!
Cowboy, werewolf flashback party!

The Birthday  boy!!

Me and Abel :)

Ansel and Mom

Big Brother Axel

Lunch with family!


Happy Birthday Abel!!!

I'm 6!! Doesn't he look excited?!
Celebration at Buca's of course!

I think he likes me :)

Kitchen table- the nest seat in the house!!

The weekend id done right when you have cake two days in  a row!
My brown eye boy is 6?!!!  Where does the time go, really?!  Abel you are such an amazing little boy!  You have a great personality, your sweat to every one, your funny and your a good big and little brother.  You are almost done with kindergarten, which you have enjoyed and really blossomed in.  You have learned how to read and do math this year.  You like to play board games, play games on your tablet and be crazy with your brothers.  You like to be outside, ride your bike and play soccer.  You still like to dress in costumes and always gives your Momma hugs.

We had our traditional family celebration at Buca's.  We go there for every birthday!! It's fun to have a place that our boys know as our party place.  Every one eats well there and the kitchen table is so much fun.  Watching the chefs is always amazing!  Abel I love you so much!! Keep being the person you are but slow down with the birthdays!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Love from Abel :)

Everybody chilling on the new couch

A poem from Axel
and a flower but I forgot to take a picture

Bunch at the Winery

My boys
The true reality of attempting a picture with everyone!

The reason I get to be called Mom
Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's out there.  This motherhood thing is a crazy adventure and I believe each one of us deserves a badge on honor.  Some days are so easy and the next is full of challenges.  I am blessed that each one of my crazy, high energy, spirited boys are their own little people that challenges and surprises me all the time!  Love you Axel, Abel and Ansel!!  Thanks for letting me be your Mom- and sorry that you did really have a choice :)

Sunday, May 7, 2017


 Finished my oral defense for my Master's Degree project.  Presentation time of 20 minutes and 10 minutes of questions and answers related to the project.  I was super nervous but I did it!! My project, that took me a year to finish, titled Healing Touch Modalities and Pediatric Pain is done.  I am SO happy to be done!!!!
The Rochester graduating class 2017!!

Abel trying on my hat :)

Axel's turn :)

Me and my boys!  They were so proud of me- and happy that I don't have to write papers
on the weekend any more!


My back bone through school- Darci

Master's of Art's of Nursing graduates 2017!!!

 I was so glad that I went to the ceremony and did the walk.  It was such a neat thing to be a part of.  The teachers cheers you on when you walk down the street.  And I thought it was cool to have the boys get to see the college and feel what life at college would be like.  Both the older two thought it was pretty cool and I hope it gets them jazzed about college some day. 
After we got our hoods!!

My parent's and boys

The extended Rapp family


Dinner celebration at Buca's of course!!
Oh my gosh.... I'm done with school!!! Wow, it seems like I've been in school for ever. It'll be nice to have free time and not always be stressing about writing papers and doing research.  I can't wait to just start reading normal books- any one have good books ideas I should read?