Monday, September 11, 2017

The Zombie did it!

Ansel's first ER visit
 Ansel is sticking to his story.  After dinner the other night Ansel informed me that a zombie put some carrots up is nose!!  I didn't know if I should believe him until I looked and sure as hell....there was a carrot up his nose. (These are mini uncooked carrots)  I was able to remove the one I could see.  I thought we were done but he then told me that there was another one on the other side.  I couldn't see it and totally believed him since I had already pulled one out.  So to the ER we went.
 The Cannon Falls ER team tried their best and were unable to remove the carrot.  We ended up driving to Rochester and having them try.  After 2 ER's, nurses, doctors and finally the ENT team- with a scope and camera.  The carrot wasn't removed but pushed back into his stomach!  They weren't able to pull it out but could push it back.  This totally took away my trophy/resolution that it was removed.  But the scope looked clean so we went home.  (this was finally at 1 am)  Needless to say it was quite the evening.  When I asked Ansel can you tell mom why you did that?  His answer (at 3 years old) was he didn't do it, it was the zombie!  Well at least he told me so he didn't end up with a garden growing in his nose but we will no longer allow zombies at the dinner table!    

Saturday, September 9, 2017

First Day of School

Abel 1st Grade
Axel 4th grade

 Another school year begins.  We have had such a busy summer- so maybe we are ready for the pattern of school.  I will miss not worrying about bedtimes, home work and packing lunches.  But just like any thing else before your ready it's time to move on and start another year.  Good luck boys!  Let's rock this school year! :)

Striking a pose
 Abel is excited for first grade but worried there might be a lot of reading.  Axel is ready to see his friends, doesn't mind home work and reminded me that in 4th grade they "talk about you know what."  I informed him that I think it's mostly just hygiene conversations and not the birds and the bees but either way I'm sure conferences will be fun this year after they open that can of worms :)  

Ansel still at home for one more year
 I took the first day of school off of work.  It was so nice to be home in the middle of the week and spend a whole day with my little one.  I miss those days.  We went to the bakery, watched cartoons and even took a nap.  It was a wonderful day.  Until the zombie put a carrot in Ansel's nose- more to come on that one.  Any it's back!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Playing in the rain

 Abel and Ansel trying out Grandma's umbrella.  They had fun in the rain.  Sorry for the broken umbrella Grandma- it didn't even last the night!
                                          The boys love the rain as much as the yard does!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Minnehaha Park

 We went on a small adventure this weekend.  Some times you have to get out of the house and go for a hike!  I miss hiking so much.  The boys weren't sure about "hiking"- Abel stated that he rather stay home.  Boys get in the van we are going out and it will be fun!  Why when you as a parent try to do some thing "fun" you end up getting so much grief? Once they saw the waterfalls they thought ok, maybe this won't be so bad.

Of course climbing rocks help too!

Taking a rest

Playing in the water

The boys!

In the end guess who didn't want to go home?!

So many stairs!

I know summer is almost over :(  This summer has been a busy and fast one.  We didn't get to cross every thing off our summer list because of my new work schedule but we still made the best of it!  Having every weekend off together is really nice.  I love being out side and going on little adventures- even if there is always one complainer in the group. One who doesn't want to go or one who doesn't want to home!  It sure is hard to make every one happy.